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“I’m a serial entrepreneur that believe that you can have it ALL if you believe that you can”! All it takes is FAITH, HUSTLE and GRIND!!! 


I’m a entrepreneur that has failed, stopped, paused and started over again several times but one thing I have never done was GIVEN UP!!! I have built a business empire with so much trial and error! My passion is to help entrepreneurs because when I first started no one would help me I had to find out the best way I could! As a black female business owner I have mastered how to make money, everything I touch SUCCEED! 


My foundation was a licensed hairstylist, I did hair for 24 years. People sometimes couldn’t believe how much money I made doing hair! I was making 6 figures in 1998. I saved my money and started opening up salons and barbershops all over Atlanta. My biggest eye opener for my business is when I was introduced to the transportation business, it totally blew my mind I made 1.8 million dollars my first year. Let’s just say after that I just started to add more businesses to my brand! 


It’s all about trusting God and using your Faith to help build success in any business. I've been bankrupted, bad credit, broke and all now run 6 successful businesses that makes several millions annually. People ask me all the time where did you come from? Your not a celebrity, who are you???? My answer to them is I'm a Silent Success Bomb and God is just getting started.... I live my BEST life now and can have whatever I want and so can YOU! Believe it and GO FOR IT! 

J O I N  O U R 

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